I’ll answer that by saying I was taught you don’t need an ultrasound. When they have a healthy pregnancy. I was also taught the best way to scare a pregnant mother is to do an ultrasound. You’re looking at the white dots, the fluid this the that. So the medical necessity of ultrasounds as a screening tool is to look for fetal structural abnormalities that can potentially compromise the baby’s well being at birth. So the basic nature of the ultrasound to see if there’s a major abnormality, not the pickup subtle little white dots and curves around this, which was the mom hears all the time come back because there’s a white dot somewhere. So the medical indication is it as a screening tool is to, reduce the risk of a baby being born with a major anomaly that can compromise as well being at birth. So that, so if that baby’s birth at home birth center or hospital, it should survive the birth with the mother knowing that. Not having an ultrasound, missing a major anomaly, taking ownership of that, you can still have the baby anywhere. But if it does have a major anomaly and we should hit, will not survive the birth. You knew that that was possible. So the medical indication, if I can kind of summarize, is that, should we determine it is, but this baby has a major anomaly or not such that it can survive birth.