Vivid Dreams in Pregnancy

“I think it is so remarkable that all around the world and women in every culture note that they have wild, crazy dreams as their pregnancy is just beginning. It is also interesting that those pregnancy dreams will continue throughout your pregnancy all the way up until the birth of your child. And they will become sometimes more crazy and vivid all the time.”

“People often want to know why it’s just like every other part of pregnancy. Your body is making adaptations and preparing you to birth a person. So, physically we see that in all kinds of ways, right? We see all the ways your body is adjusting to the growing baby. But emotionally, and kind of psychologically, your body needs to find ways to prepare for the birth of baby as well. Some of that is done intentionally in your waking hours, but there are those things that you haven’t really taken the time to stop and look at.”

Themes Emerge

“So your brain says, ‘Well if you’re not going to look at these during the waking hours, I’m going to recode them. Put them in a different language so that you will take the time to look at them in your sleeping hours.’  So some of that unfinished work (can be) some of your past stuff that is wanting to be acknowledged and tied up before you move into a new season. Or some of the current stresses that you’re trying not to let get under your skin. We’ll find ways to say, ‘Hey, let’s get real about this important piece of who you are, what you need to deal with, where you need to heal.’ So you’ll end up finding themes and messages in your dreams.”

Journaling Your Dreams

“If you take time to journal your dreams, sit with them, look at what the storyline is, and then ask yourself with this storyline, do these emotions and experiences that these people in my dream interacted with (make sense). Did those reflect back to a time in my waking hours? Are there pieces of that that I can look at in my waking hours and maybe see some of the work that is yet to be done?”

“So dreaming can be a hint to you about what work you need to finish from your past, in order to move into your new life as a mom. It can be a hint to you about what’s going on in your current life that you’re maybe not paying attention to you. Vivid pregnancy dreams are protective mechanisms to help you move into your next season of life.”