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BirthWorks International & Birthpedia

We are excited to continue our affiliate partnership with BirthWorks International.

BirthWorks provides childbirth classes and professional certifications that reveal the truth that women's bodies already know how to give birth. BirthWorks Philosophy sees birth as an instinctive process. We help women have more trust and faith in the knowledge that their bodies know how to give birth. The holistic, evidence-based and innovative approach to childbirth preparation and doula support integrates mind, body and spirit. By encouraging the practice of human-values, we decrease fear and increase confidence in ways that empower and transform experiences of birth.

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Our Unique Approach

to childbirth classes and professional certifications reveals the truth that women’s bodies already know how to give birth.

for New Parents

Virtual childbirth preparation immersion course for easier labor and safer birth

Find a BirthWorks Professional

Find your childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, or a Kangaroula!

for New Parents

Virtual breastfeeding class to assure ease and success once your baby arrives

BirthWorks Is Different!

The knowledge of how to give birth is within you. Birth is instinctive — you can have trust and faith in your body which already knows how to birth. Your unique process of how to best labor and birth happens through integration of body, mind and spirit. Instinctual connection helps you relax into an easier and shorter labor — this means better birth outcomes for you and baby. Successful breastfeeding and bonding follow so you set your baby up to be the healthiest — with ideal nervous system brain development — and you become relaxed, happy parents! We teach you how.

Which Inspires You?


My first BirthWorks Workshop was truly transformational and challenged many ideas and thoughts that I previously had about birth. It has helped me develop more faith and confidence in birth and in women's bodies to birth as well as in myself...


Until I took BirthWorks classes and workshops, I never understood how human values, when practiced in birth and in life, makes such a difference. I feel like a changed person and am excited to practice these values in my life too.