Keynote: Shared Decision Making in Tandem with Shared Responsibility ($37)

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    Session Title: Shared Decision Making in Tandem with Shared Responsibility; Optimizing the Birth Experience for Patient and Provider.

    Session Length: 90 Minutes

    Delivery Method: Lecture, Discussion, Live Streaming Video, Pre-Recorded Video

    Behavioral Learning Objectives: The following topics will be discussed to give “tools” to the patient to better engage the Obstetrician, Midwife, Nursing staff, Doula and Childbirth Professionals, affirming a healthy birth process for all involved.

    Content Outline of Session:

    Discussing each topic below and offering tools for a more positive experience for all involved. The See Baby experience with MFM working with Midwives and Doulas will also be reviewed

    1. Rupture of membranes at or near term (10 minutes)
    2. Post dates monitoring/Fetal surveillance,Fetal Heart Rate monitoring during labor (intermittent or continuous) (15 minutes)
    3. IUGR and fetal surveillance (10 minutes)
    4. Induction of labor (10 minutes)
    5. Diabetes at term (10 minutes)
    6. IVF, AMA, CHTN, and Thrombophilia at term (15 minutes)
    7. Twins, Breech, and VBAC (20 minutes)
    Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, Perinatologist
    Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1996 and is a co-founder of Atlanta Perinatal Associates, departing this company in 2009.... Read More