Keynote: The Future of Human Colostrum ($37)

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    The Future of Human Colostrum

    Contact Hours for CEUs: 1.5 (ACNM and MEAC) must pass the quiz given after completed in order to obtain contact hours.

    Teaching Methods: Lecture followed by discussion/Live Streaming Video/Pre-recorded Video

    Behavioral Objectives:

    At the end of the session, participants should be able to explain why the colostrum is more precious than ever in the case of neonates who are not born among a great diversity of familiar (and therefore friendly) microorganisms.

    Content Outline:

    • The transfer of IgG through the human placenta….25 minutes
    • The concept of microbial deprivation related to modern birth… 20 minutes
    • The programming of the human immune system… 15 minutes
    • A new generation of epidemiological studies… 15 minutes.
    • Discussion.. 15 minutes
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