Cramping in the Second Trimester

“So, here you are. You are approaching your twentieth week of pregnancy and you think things are going well. And all of a sudden you stand up and you feel a very, very sharp pain in your side. You think it might be a contraction, but you’re really not sure. There are a lot of things that your body can go through during pregnancy, which may be completely and totally normal.”

Round Ligament Pain vs. Preterm Contractions

“That one, to me, sounds like round ligament pain. But what we have to worry about is something more insidious like preterm contractions or preterm labor. You may have cramping, vaginal bleeding, (or) a change in your discharge. (Your discharge) might be a little bit heavier, stringier, or more mucusy. And you might feel some low back pain that seems to come and go. Those are the sorts of things that you should definitely bring to your doctor’s attention. But anything that concerns you, any new ache or pain or something that doesn’t seem right, should also be brought to your doctor’s attention. Make sure that you get an adequate answer and make sure that your risk is fully assessed.”

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