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How do you choose your contributors? The criteria for selecting a contributor is based on if they were once or are currently a birth professional.  Many contributors are referrals from other birth professionals.  We strive to select contributors who have a history of improving birth outcomes, while encouraging positivity in the birth space.  

How do I become a contributor? If you are a birth professional who provides a positive experience to your clients/patients, then you can send us a direct message through Facebook or Instagram.  Our office is located in South Florida so generally we shoot our content there or while traveling to various conferences across the country.  We currently do not accept remote content however we are open to that possibility if the logistics can be worked out. 

How do you choose your content? Birthpedia selects questions for each contributor to answer based on what their profession is and we are not responsible for what the contributor may say or do outside of what content is presented on our platform. Each contributor is responsible for what they say on camera however any content that becomes scrutinized will be reviewed by our Advisory Board for accuracy & relevance.    

How does Birthpedia support itself? Birthpedia is a freemium subscription…similar to an online magazine which provides information in articles and photography and sells subscriptions/ad space.  We are a socially responsible company that strives to invest to improving the global birth landscape for better birth outcomes. We are not a non-profit as that would require grant funding or donors with specific strings attached.  We want to present information in the most authentic way possible.  When the consumer drives the content, then the consumer’s best interest is the main decision maker in how the content is produced/presented.  Additionally, we are in process of becoming a Public Benefit Corporation.  This means our business decisions are not solely based on profit rather we are held accountable to do what is in the best interest of better birth outcomes. 

Why should I trust Birthpedia content? We aren’t going to tell you to trust the content; rather encourage you to do the research on what you hear from our contributors and make an informed decision. Birthpedia exists to be a compliment to a woman’s trusted provider. Google may have been that compliment in the past, where search results are based on keywords and may not be relevant at all. Birthpedia is set apart where users can see a birth professional’s face connected to their information. Our contributors are humans with experience, not an algorithm. 

How many videos are there? Currently, about 425.  We have about 600 more in the editing pipeline! That is a lot of information at your fingertips!

What if I can’t find the question or the topic I’m looking for? Contact us! Go to our Facebook page and send us a message letting us know what question you want answered.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes.  Anytime.