Pregnant and Afraid

I know that you’re feeling a lot of new things, a part of those things are physiological, that you’re feeling. Your body is changing. A lot of those things are also psychological. There is a lot of fear in pregnancy and childbirth and some of that is exacerbated by things you read, things you see, things people tell you. Please know that we’re here for you.

Midwives Can Help

Part of our roles as midwives is to educate you, to reassure you that this is a normal process. Most of the time that things go normal process without any interference whatsoever. We’re here to guide you through this process, to educate you. We want you to be able to embrace the changes that you’re feeling. We’re going to want you to be able to embrace the fears that you’re having so we can work with you through this ultimate end of the birth of your baby, in your arms with the people around you that you want.

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