Meal Tracker

As you progress through pre-conception to pregnancy to postpartum, you may want to know what you are eating and keep track of the calories.

Here are a few pointers for setting up your meal tracker:

  1. Decide on Daily Intake: Consult your provider to determine the right amount of calories you should be taking in everyday.  This number is the first step in setting up your meal tracker.
  2. Accurately Describe Food Items: Do your best to accurately describe the portion size, type of food and (most of all) the calorie count per item.  Once you enter it once, it will remain in your tracker for easy access to assign to future meals.
  3. Make Consistent Entries: We recommend you enter in your food items immediately after (or during) each meal.  However it may be easier for you to do so at the end of each day.  Try and find a routine that works best with your schedule.
  4. Be Honest:  This information is used to help you better understand your caloric intake and gives you nutritional stats to give to your provider.  The more honest you are, the more helpful your provider can be in determining next steps for your care.

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