Pregnant with no Health Insurance

Currently under the law, if you don’t have any insurance, there are some options for you. Definitely call Medicaid. Definitely call your state agencies and ask questions about that. Sometimes insurance is cheaper than you think it’s going to be. So if there is an opportunity for you to get insurance through an employer, for example, explore that first and see if it’s really more feasible than you thought.

Finding Free Prenatal Care

If you can not get insurance for whatever reason, there are places that offer free prenatal care. Often these are clinics run by churches, by mission organizations, and by volunteer groups. And there are many health departments that offer prenatal care at low cost or for free as well. So there are many ways to get your prenatal care when you come to a hospital without insurance and you are in labor.

The Law is on Your Side

The law in the whole country states that we have to take care of you. Even if you don’t have insurance and even if you cannot pay, you have the basic right to be examined. And if you’re found to be in need of medical care, we’re obligated to provide it. So you’re not going to get turned away when you arrive somewhere and you’re absolutely in labor. That is state law and you are protected by that. So in a nutshell, if you’re pregnant, you don’t have insurance and you show up at a hospital and we will take care of you and we’ll take care of your baby.