What Causes Morning Sickness?

“A lot of moms will notice morning sickness starts pretty soon after she would have missed her period. Around a month or so after her last period, so two weeks into the pregnancy, the progesterone levels in the mom’s system start to go up significantly, and that causes morning sickness. It causes a lot of changes in blood sugar levels. Moms tend to notice that early in the morning, but not always. Some people have sickness throughout the day or more in the evening. It is also a good sign that a mom’s pregnancy hormones are high enough to sustain the pregnancy. So all those big changes that are happening with the mom’s body are to help sustain the pregnancy and to help the mom have a healthy pregnancy to keep the baby growing safely. One of the side effects is often morning sickness from the increased progesterone in the mom’s system. That is showing that the pregnancy is going to keep going and the baby is going to be healthy.”