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We have developed our Guiding Principles to help shape the presentation and philosophy of Birthpedia.

Mission Statement:
Provide current and evidence-based information about birth in a quick and concise manner to parents and future parents.
Vision Statement:
Be the reason why parents and providers get on the same page about informed decision making over birth.  Informed decision making leads to better births.  Change the view on birth from fear to love.
Belief Statement
We Believe…
  • …every newborn baby deserves the right to their best birth
  • …informed parents create better birth experiences for all involved
  • …birth is a primal human function and not to be treated like a disease
  • …every woman giving birth has a right to respectful maternal care
  • …every woman has the freedom to choose how they want to give birth without condemnation
Advisory Board (learn more)
  • Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG
  • Barbara Harper, RN, CPM
  • Gail Hart, Midwife (retired)
  • Emily Wannenburg, Midwife (retired), Doula
Core Values:


Neutrality- Birthpedia is not “pro” hospital, we are not “pro” home birth or birth center, we are “pro” better births. Birthpedia does not judge the mom who chooses a C-section or a home birth, and everything in between. We just want to make sure the family is well informed so that they are empowered through their choices.  We provide the information through birth professionals on all subjects related to birth;  addressing both benefits and risks with the inherent belief that informed parents create better birth experiences.


Give Parents a Voice and Inform them of Choice: It is the parents’ decision to determine what’s in the best interest for their child. We celebrate those who make informed decisions and exercise their rights as a client.  When parents are able to plan for their birth by communicating with providers in a supportive environment, then optimal outcomes are the result.


Evidence-Based Information: There are a lot of books, blogs and loved ones who share their knowledge, some of which is outdated or inaccurate.  Our goal is to provide the latest evidence-based and current information that is supported by more than one source.  We rely on contributors to find and present the information.  In the event that information presented becomes controversial, our Advisory Board will guide the decision making process on how to best approach the presentation of information.


Human Rights: We recognize that Respectful Maternal Care needs to improve.  As an informational content provider, we believe that an informed parent becomes an empowered advocate for Respectful Maternal Care and Newborn Care.  Every mother and baby deserve the right to their most optimal birth experience.


Integrity and Execution: Birthpedia strives to always follow through with what we say we are going to do. Our goal is to be a trust worthy source of information to our user base.  This requires us to find qualified contributors and a positive user experience with our various platforms.


Embrace and Drive Change: Our world is constantly changing in part through technology, culture and environment.  New studies and new beliefs continue to form about conception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum and newborn care.  Birthpedia has constructed it’s foundation to be adaptable to change.   We must stay open to learning new information while not negating the ancient wisdom of providers over many generations.


Pursue Growth and Learning: Birthpedia is built upon the belief that there is a problem to solve. Parents are having to look too hard to find the best information.  We will always be looking to grow new ways to solve this problem.  The more we learn about cultures and technology, the more we can reach the future parents with accurate information.


Terms of Use Disclaimer:
Birthpedia is NOT to be used to treat or diagnose anyone.  Please work directly with your care provider for any health related decisions you need to make.  We provide information on aspects of birth in the form of current and past birth professionals.


To learn more you can view our FAQ page.