How To Keep Thoughts and Emotions Separate?

“Journaling can help you with your fertility journey because it allows you to be introspective and understand that we have thoughts and we have emotions and thoughts and emotions are not the same thing. Many times when we’re dealing with stressful situations such as infertility, we have the thought, Oh, I’ve been diagnosed as infertile, or I have been diagnosed with this specific condition, and you’re flooded with lots of different emotions that come up. It can be shame, it can be guilt, it can be frustration, anxiety, and a lot of people think that the thoughts and the emotion are the same thing with journaling and mindfulness. It allows you to separate that thought from the emotion and to be in touch and in tune with yourself. So the next time that you are in a stressful situation, you can take a pause and realize, Oh, I get to decide how I feel. I do not have to be anxious.”