If my partner takes testosterone, can that play a part in my infertility

“If your partner takes testosterone, then that’s a problem. He by him taking testosterone supplementation, he’s dropping his sperm count. In people who are taking high doses, They have no sperm. Basically. If your body’s very smart, it says, if you’re giving it to me, then why should I make it? And, so if you’re giving, if you’re taking testosterone for whatever reason, then he needs stop and three months later is the next time that you can actually look to see a semen analysis, See if it recovers. Because believe it or not, sperm made today is not part of the ejaculate till three months from now. So you’ve got to wait three months to see if it gets better. So don’t be deceived. If you stop your semen analysis and you do another sperm analysis next week, there’s no change. So the bottom line is, if your partner is taking testosterone, stop, recheck your sperm count three months later, and see where you’re at.”