Should Parents Save Their Baby’s Cord Blood?


“When they collect the cord blood, they throw away all of the red blood cells. They also only can obtain about 60, 70% of the STEM cells. So, so even if the baby is getting these later, he’s not getting the whole, he’s not getting his red blood cells. He’s not getting, all of his STEM cells. And the later uses are really pretty much under question. They’re very experimental. There’s an awful lot of claims being made that, that don’t have any basis. There’s a lot of people saying that this core blood is waste and it is anything but a waste. It is not a waste. And your baby has a right to be all he can be and have all of his cord blood.”

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Since joining the faculty at the University of Rhode Island in 1998, Dr. Mercer has continued her commitments to teach midwifery and other students, provide midwifery care through the URI Center for Midwifery at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket, and carry out her research examining... Read More