Is it Good to Bank your Baby’s Stem Cells?


“Well, a lot of people ask whether they should collect their baby’s cord blood versus having delayed cord clamping. And unless there is an immediate need in the family, we think that delaying the cord clamping and letting the baby have all his STEM cells at birth is the best way to go for the, for that way for the rest of the child’s life. There are people at the University of South Florida, for instance, that think that this could even have an impact on us as when we’re older in terms of diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease and that sort of thing.

We think babies need their STEM cells. It’s the only mammal known to man at birth that has immediate cord clamping on occasion. And, uh, we don’t think that’s, uh, the best way to do it. So unless there’s an immediate need in your family with another child needing some STEM cells, uh, it’s much better that they are in the baby as nature intended rather than in the freezer somewhere.”