So I often get the question that before you even found out you were pregnant, you engaged in some activities that may not have been best for the baby, for example, smoking, eating Sushi, or taking medications or even drugs. So what do you do about that? And the answer is that you just have to carry on. You can’t beat yourself up for things that you’ve already done from here on do the best that you can and avoid those things. Studies are conflicting about whether or not early pregnancy exposure to alcohol, for example, have harmful effects on your fetus. Certainly, there are some medications that we know are very dangerous for an early gestation, but at this point, there’s nothing you can do to prevent what’s already been done. The best thing is to always planned pregnancies and to have a preconception plan in, in your preconception. You should be doing your best to avoid alcohol and obviously drugs and tobacco. So really, at this point, just do your very best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t beat yourself up about what you’ve done already. Many, many other women are in the same boat as you and some have done things far worse and they have, okay, fine, healthy, normal outcomes. It’s sometimes just hope and positivity and that’s the best thing I can suggest.