Top 5 things I should do before getting pregnant

“So you want the top five, the things that you would need to do prior to conceiving. I think first and foremost to make sure that you’re in optimal health and that the timing is right for you to get pregnant. 

It’s good thing to have a checkup with the doctor prior to getting pregnant. Even something as simple as taking vital signs can tell your doctor whether you’re healthy enough to be pregnant. Blood pressure is a very important parameter during pregnancy and blood pressure problems are not uncommon in pregnant women who are planning pregnancies. So getting yourself into optimal physical health in terms of your respiratory health, your cardiac health are probably the two most important, important things because they drive everything that happens with you and your baby. But health overall can refer to mental health as well. Second, I think starting prenatal vitamins ahead of time as a wonderful idea. 

Number three, get yourself in optimal shape if you can. If you happen to be overweight, losing as little as five to 10 pounds, or even 10% of your body weight, may be sufficient to significantly change your risk profile during, an a planned pregnancy. 

Number four, get your medications in order. If you happen to have an underlying medical illness, go visit with all of your doctors and tell them that you’re planning a pregnancy. 

Number five, make sure that you have the support and resources to provide your, pregnancy is healthy and that you have a wonderful, loving home to bring a child into. 

So my top five recommendations for someone who is planning a pregnancy is making sure that you’re in optimal health and you’re eating properly. Make sure that your doctors know that you are planning a pregnancy and get your medications in order. Try optimizing your weight and your physical status and making sure that you have all the resources that you need to provide your baby with a good, loving home.”