When I should see a fertility specialist

“So this is how we came up with definitions of what is fertility and how do we define when you need to see someone like me? So usually because at age 35 and above, your fertility rate decreases, right? That 10% per month at 40, we start to say, look, if you’ve been trying for, six, for six months, you should have gotten pregnant 86% of the time. Right? And, and so therefore we, we define as seeing an infertility specialist like myself as someone who has been trying with unprotected intercourse for six months and no pregnancy and a 35 and under. 

We say you try for a year and then you can see someone like myself to get help. But any time before that time, you should talk to your OB-GYN and ask them simple questions, about assistance of what are the, what are the things I need to be doing, what should I be thinking about? And there’s never a wrong time to start that conversation. But seeing a specialist like myself, you might want to try for some period of time in your OB-GYN always great about guiding you when someone like myself is necessary, but regardless, you’re in charge and when you hit six months in, you’re over 35 if your OB GYN says still wait, which some you may hear, you need to say, maybe I shouldn’t and maybe I’ll talk to someone.”