Healthy fats, healthy fats are just one of my favorite foods to include while you’re pregnant. Avocados would be one of them. Avocados are one of my favorite because they can be not only savory, but you can make them sweet as well. some foods that can be really good would be eggs, eggs, have some great nutrients that helps developing babies. And it can be really great for mom. Some of the things that I would say that I would shy away from while you were pregnant would be excess sugar. Sugar can be very inflammatory to our body. And that is not necessarily the kind of an internal environment that you want to create some great foods to incorporate while you’re pregnant would be healthy fats, things like avocados, olive oil. I love butter, but vegetables with butter. The other thing would be protein, making sure you’re really getting enough calories to help support building a healthy baby, a healthy body. Those things can be very beneficial as you go through your pregnancy.

Dr. Katrina Cryder, DC
Dr. Katrina Cryder, Chiropractor and Applied Clinical Nutrition Counselor, grew up receiving chiropractic care as a young child to eliminate suffering from chronic earaches. After the adjustments proved successful, the earaches disappeared and therefore sparked her interest in becoming a... Read More