What does it mean to be a gestational surrogate?

“I am a gestational surrogate. And what that means is it’s different from a traditional surrogate. Gestational means that the embryos are already created and all they do is the implant. Implantation in my uterus. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate donates her egg and it makes with the experiment. So that is, that’s not the process that I’m going through. 

So with gestational surrogacy, my journey really is super simple. When I was in high school, I had an abortion and for me, it just didn’t sit well with me. And so this is part of my healing process because I took from humanity. I want it to be able to give back. And so this process really for me has been about seven years, but actively I applied with an agency because I wanted to make sure that the process was theory structured. I didn’t know much about what that process looked like. 

I just know I want it to be a part of it. So I’m actually, a year to date. I think from the initiation of my application. And so long story short, they interviewed me. It’s very extensive. I had to go through a medical evaluation, a psychology evaluation, medical records for my kids cause I have two and you have to have at least one in order to be eligible to be a surrogate. Then they match you with a family. I absolutely adore my family. But we Skype and the email and I share pictures of the process. So now where I am is I’m in the first trimester and we’re a couple of weeks away from finding out if I have twins or if we have a single. And so, the reason why there’s a potential to have twins is because I did a double embryo transfer a couple of weeks ago. 

I know that I am pregnant, I just don’t know how many are in my tummy. And from there I just carry, I have to take some hormone therapies and which are not so fun, but the sacrifice is totally worth it. And I’m able to go through the birth process the way that I’d like to go through it. And, you know, it’s, are very excited. We have a great connection and to be able to go through this process is very, very healing for me. So I’m honored to be able to post my, my little body for a baby or babies, so that way I deserve anything I can be able to share that happiness of, of having a little one running around, as a full-time job. So that’s my surrogacy story so far.”