Difference between Traditional and Gestational surrogacy

“Surrogacy is the process of, a woman that is babysitting a baby. So traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate for the, the woman that will be carrying the child, donates her own eggs. And then the sperm comes, whether it’s the sperm of the dad or a sperm that is, from a sperm bank that’s traditional surrogacy. 

Now, gestational surrogacy is when you have an embryo that is already created. So usually it’s a frozen embryo. So they retrieve the eggs and retrieve the sperm and they unite them to create an embryo. And usually they do a transfer either day three of the embryo making process or day five. And so they unfreeze it and they do the embryo transfer. Surrogacy is when a woman carries a child for another family. There’s two different types. You have traditional surrogacy where the woman that’s carrying the baby for the family donates her eggs and the sperm meets. And then the other one is gestational surrogacy, which is the embryo is already created and it’s just implanted into the woman’s uterus from there.”