What is Preimplantation Genetic Screening?


“So your doctor asked you to consider doing preimplantation genetic screening. The only person who can do preimplantation genetic screening is a fertility clinic, and usually this in the context of Ivf and IVF, only in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic screening means I may take some cells that turn into the placenta and only the placenta only. We’re going to look at that DNA and see if your embryo is going to be healthy or not. And what does that mean? Is it at risk for being a miscarriage or is it going to potentially be a pregnancy? It is probably one of the most important ways for your fertility specialists to help you have one baby and not twins, and it will significantly improve your success rate from ivf. From one transfer.”

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Dr. Anish A. Shah believes in patient-centered fertility care. Before arriving at the Richmond Center for Fertility, he was on the medical staff at Duke University Medical Center. While at Duke, his patient satisfaction scores (Press-Ganey) were consistently in the top percentile among over 500... Read More