Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping


“When the cord clamping is delayed, the baby gets about 50% more red blood cells. These are very important because red blood cells in our body hold about 80% of the iron in our blood. The baby’s brain needs iron. The cells that make myelin in his brain and his body need iron. And so, at being anemic or not having enough iron in his first year of life can impede his neuro-development. So we strongly recommend delayed cord clamping based on, the need for the baby to have iron from those red blood cells in his first year of life.”

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Since joining the faculty at the University of Rhode Island in 1998, Dr. Mercer has continued her commitments to teach midwifery and other students, provide midwifery care through the URI Center for Midwifery at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket, and carry out her research examining... Read More