When a VBAC Not Recommended

“Depends on what country you are in maybe. But if a mother has had a previous classical cesarean birth, which is usually a vertical incision on the uterus, then those moms are advised not to have a trial of labor mainly because when the uterus contracts, it starts from the top, and if there is a scar at the top that has played into for the course of the labor and there can be some weakness in that such that in mothers with the previous classical incision.

There is about a 1/20 risk of it separating. There is about a five percent risk of a uterine rupture. Whereas, if she’s had a low transverse lower part of the uterus, a previous surgical birth with the constant contractions at the top doesn’t bother the low part too much. Such that the risk of a complication is about 1/200, 0.5 percent. So in the scenario in which there is a vertical incision on the uterus, (there) is a higher risk of there being a uterine separation or also known as uterine rupture. Those moms are advised not to have a trial of labor.”

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