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Michelle Dempsey, Entrepreneur

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Owner & Founder Michelle Dempsey is a New York transplant who has made South Florida her content marketing stomping grounds. As a mom to one toddler, Michelle describes herself as a voracious writer, serial entrepreneur, tireless idea generator, professional networker and lover of all things creative. Her stealthy New York business sense combined with her innate ability to tap into the voice of a business and build a wall of words around it has made her a success in the Florida marketing industry. Michelle attended American University to study Journalism, graduated with a BA in Communications from Hofstra University, and holds a dual-masters degree from Adelphi University in Education. She is a passionate advocate for female empowerment, speaks at conferences and business events regularly, hosts a thriving mom-focused podcast, and lives in Aventura with her toddler daughter, Bella. When not trying to be Wonder Woman, she loves to work out and binge watch Netflix crime dramas, and of course, spend time with her loved ones.

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