Don’t Keep Your Disappointment Bottled Up

“It can be really discouraging when you haven’t had the birth outcome that you desired. When this happens to you, one of the best things to do is to talk it out, talk it out with your provider, talk it out with your partner, talk it out with your friends and write it out and journal about it. It doesn’t help for people to say things like you got a healthy baby, because you really need to be acknowledged that your dream birth was not recognized by talking it out and journaling it out. It can help you get through the rough times of being disappointed over not having the outcome that you want to.”

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I am a mom, grandma and tiny house dweller. I have a bachelors in Business Management from Scranton Business College and I graduated from the International School of Midwifery in 1998. I've had a birth center and home birth practice off and on for 20 years. I also worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 3... Read More