Healing After Birth Traumas

“I personally experienced a very traumatic birth experience. Luckily my daughter is okay and well today, but it was very traumatic. She was born basically still born. Her Etgar score was one, five. She was blue and lamp. My husband literally thought that she was not alive. She was dead when she was born and he couldn’t tell me and he kept saying she’s okay. She’s okay. And so she was immediately resuscitated. I looked up and saw the, Amber bag and they’re like, I didn’t even get to see her. I didn’t get to hold her for hours. She was intubated. It was very traumatic. It was very traumatic. So for me, one of the best ways to that recently she’s five. I recently did a hypnotherapy session specifically around her birth. It was the most healing thing for me and for her, because  you believe that when we heal as a person, our children heal vicariously through us and our relationships heals.”

Seeking Help To Heal From Traumatic Experiences 

“So, personally I think that heart-centered hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to almost like revisit and go back to this traumatic experience and feel, and experience all the feelings and emotions there and release those and, feel it with positive feelings and visions and move forward. I would encourage anyone who has a traumatic birth experience to seek out, help, again, seek out someone that can help you process through this and help you work through all of these emotions, help you move forward and heal from this because it’s a big traumatic event that can affect you, definitely down the road and your relationship with your kids. It can affect your kids also. They experienced the trauma also. So I definitely recommend seeking help for this to help heal. And as you heal, your children will also heal from that traumatic experience. The main thing to remember is that you definitely can heal from a traumatic birth experience and you can definitely move forward. It’s not easy, it’s hard. Pain is necessary part of that, process, and that you must walk through and feel that pain in order to process it and release it and it’s, but there is hope. There’s always hope.”