B1: Optimal Pelvic Positioning ($37)

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    Session Length in Minutes: 60 minutes

    Contact Hours for CEUs: 1.0 (ACNM and MEAC) must pass the quiz given after completed in order to obtain contact hours.

    Teaching/Delivery Methods: PowerPoint, Lecture, Participation, Live Stream Video, Pre-recorded Video

    Behavioral Objectives:

    • Participants will describe the five primary human values and mechanisms by which they influence physiology in the birthing process.
    • Participants will describe the four principles of optimal pelvic positioning and how they impact birth outcomes.
    • Participants will describe three ways in which to reframe pain and other fears of birth into a powerful and positive birth experience.

    Content Outline of Session:

    • Mechanisms by which primary human values influence physiology in the birthing process –  15 minutes
    • Description of the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning 15 minutes
    • Application of the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to labor positions including use of rebozo technique 15 minutes
    • Demonstration of The Baby Way to show diameters of the pelvic outlet and how they are influenced by body positions. 15 minutes
    • Describe how to reframe fears of birth with the effective use of anticipations and expectations based on evidence based research. 10 min.
    • Questions, 5 minutes
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    Course Content

    Our goal is to provide relevant and evidential information about all aspects of birth (conception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum support and newborn care) in a concise manner.