Physical Changes in the Second Trimester

“So, the changes that are happening for the mom in the second trimester. The placenta has taken over producing hormones now, and most moms feel really great during the second trimester. Probably partly because they’ve adjusted to those new hormone levels. Morning sickness tends to go away in the second trimester. A lot of moms have a lot of energy. They feel good. They’re happy. They start to show a little bit.”

“During the second trimester, we’ll usually start to feel some movement of the baby. Usually, around the middle of the second trimester, 18 to 20 weeks, is the most common for first-time moms. Also, they may like to have sex more. Their sex drive may increase a lot, and that’s a great time for them because they don’t feel super big and awkward, but they can still feel sexy.”

“The baby should be for the most part fully formed by the beginning of the second trimester. So by 12 weeks, all the organs are formed in a very rudimentary way, but you should be able to hear the heartbeat through the abdominal wall with something like a Doppler or ultrasound. The baby’s large enough at that time and everything should be formed properly by the beginning of the second trimester.”