Birth Professional – Group Monthly

    64.99 for 12 months

    You will receive:
    • 3 annual professional accounts to the website and app (Whoever is doing the initial sign up – that is, who is paying for this membership, will need to provide 2 other email addresses so Birthpedia can set up the remaining professional accounts.
    • access to monthly live birth professional development seminars with sought after birth leaders.  There will be live Q/A.
    • 15 complimentary annual App memberships to give to clients (the codes and instructions will be sent to the email associated to your Birthpedia account).
    • information on becoming a Birthpedia Ambassador where you can earn money and get an additional App membership to give to a client of yours!



    You will be billed for 12 consecutive months.  After the 12 months you will not be charged unless you sign up for the same plan again.  If you you prematurely cancel the membership, clients’ access to the app will also be canceled as well as the other professional accounts. 

    Our goal is to provide relevant and evidential information about all aspects of birth (conception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum support and newborn care) in a concise manner.