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Tag: immune system

Pregnancy Advicesvideo

ASK: How can i give my baby the best possible immune system?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER When you're pregnant, there's so much to think about, but the overriding thought is that you want to give your baby the...
Common Pregnancy Questionsvideo

ASK: What is the infant microbiome? Why should I care?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER The infant microbiome is a really exciting new field of research, I say new, but scientist have known about it for about...
Common Pregnancy Questionsvideo

ASK: Where can i find more info on the infant microbiome?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Right now, a lot of the science and the research that's coming out is mostly confined to academic papers and to research...
Common Pregnancy Questionsvideo

ASK: What is the human microbiome?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER You might have heard of the word microbiome, or you might not. You might have heard of gut bacteria. It's all the...

ASK: How important is the first hour after delivery for me and baby?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER So the first hour after birth is often referred to as the golden hour and that's because it is vitally important to...