Announcing Pregnancy on Social Media

“Okay, it’s very exciting news that you’re pregnant. Now you’re thinking, ‘where do we tell people? How do we tell people?’ We tell them on social media. So, it is really up to you and your partner how soon you want to tell people. Some things that moms do like to consider before they make an announcement to the entire world that they are pregnant is if they’re having any complications, if they’ve had any previous miscarriage or if there’s a risk. They may just be early in their pregnancy and they want to make sure that they get to that point where that risk is much, much lower before they tell everybody that they are pregnant. And there is a ton of fun ways that you can announce your pregnancy on social media. So, definitely think about that. Look up all the ways so that you find the one that’s the most special for you and your partner and go for it!”