Wanting a Birth Center Birth

“A lot of times we hear folks who come to us wanting a birth center birth, but they get flack from their family members because maybe grandma doesn’t understand. Doesn’t know the birth center model of care. She doesn’t understand that we are equipped for emergencies and that we are trained.

Midwives are Professionals

The connotation of a midwife is as an older kind of lay midwife idea that by all means not true. We’re all educated professionals who are prepared and understand birth the process. And we understand, and we know what is not normal and when we need help. And that’s the biggest thing. We can kind of assure the grandparents, the uncles, and aunts, or any naysayers that this is a really good choice.

My favorite is when moms come back afterward and they are smiling ear to ear and they know they’ve rocked it and they tell everybody that gave them a hard time, ‘I totally rock this birth!'”

Questions About Pregnancy
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