What Is an Independent Birth Center

“A true birth center is an independent facility independent of a hospital. Many places can call themselves birth centers, but they are attached to the hospitals. There are many different models of care for the birth centers and there is an open center, a closed center. We here at The Midwife Group and Birth Center are a closed birth center meaning we hire our own midwives. They come to us and they are under our employ(ment) and we have our own nurses that work just for us. There’s another type of model. It’s an open model where the birth center, the property, is owned by one person and there are other midwives that may come and join and do births there.

How to Choose a Birth Center

When looking for a birth center, you want to find some place that you’re comfortable in. You meet the staff, you meet the midwives and nurses. As long as you’re feeling comfortable with what your choice is, you can ask all the questions you want. We invite questions. We want you to be an intricate engaged party in your pregnancy and ask the questions away. We have time and we have the desire to teach and include families in our, in the care as well. Bring your children. We don’t mind them. They’re awesome.

So if you’re looking to have a birth center birth, make sure you contact the birth center. Do your research on the birth center. Contact them. Meet the midwives, and see if this is the right choice for you.”

Questions About Pregnancy
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