In Vitro Fertilization From Fertility Doulas Perspective


“What is IVF? IVF is in vitro fertilization and it is used when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant for what could be several reasons. IVF basically comes down to using a egg and a sperm in a Petri dish to fertilize the egg. It stays in the Petri dish for about two weeks before it is placed into the woman’s uterus. It includes, for sure, making sure that this farm that is used are optimal along with the eggs, that there are no deformities within the sperm and the sperm head and the same for the eggs.

Now they can take anywhere from two to three eggs at any given time or you can have multiple procedures and have several eggs taken anywhere between 12 and 15. They will take those eggs and those firms and they will fertilize the egg. And then most doctors will only implant two eggs at any given time. They can split, you can have multiples. Even if they don’t run in your family, you can still end up with a multiple from an IVF procedure. This way. If there is an egg split, you don’t end up with five and six babies, which can cause extreme complications in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.”