What is IVF?


“In vitro fertilization is basically I, when you do in vitro fertilization, we’re getting your egg and we’re getting your sperm. My lab is actually, I just built your fallopian tube in my lab, five days that your embryo is developing. It’s actually in your fallopian tube. It takes five days from when sperm and egg find each other to go through your fallopian tube and arrive in your uterus. So when we started to try to do IVF in the late 1970s all we did was say, Hey, I can build your fallopian tube and I could do it pretty well. And over the last 38 years, we’ve gotten really good at that. And by making this, by putting the sperm and egg, we just give you an opportunity to improve your fertility by taking away some of the environment that may be causing you not to get pregnant. And then just like you naturally would have an embryo arrive in your uterus. Five days later, we put that embryo back into your uterus and allow you to conceive.”