Am I Going to Have Twins?


“You’re thinking about going to see a fertility expert and you’re, the first thing that I know is going through your mind, am I going to have twins, triplets or more? Am I going to need a special TV star show revolving around my family? 

The answer is no. We have furiously worked in our field to avoid having more than one baby. You’re meant to have one baby at a time and we can handle two as twins in the hospital systems to help you have a successful pregnancy, but triplets are more is not usually a great outcome, so we don’t want to put you in a situation that we wouldn’t want to be ourself in the situation. 

IVF Technology is Advanced Now

Believe it or not, IVF actually has the least or one of the lowest risks for twins these days. Our technology is advanced so well that we usually put one embryo to allow you to have one baby at a time. Then, it’s the other things that we do when we give you fertility medications that we’re trying to balance those risks for twins. And depending on that treatment, sometimes we have a higher risk, but most of the time we’re able to avoid risk for twins or even triplets. So you’re going to be okay, and we’re most likely going to give you one baby. And if you wanted to be one and done with more than one with twins, I’m sorry, we’re probably gonna give you one at a time.”