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Women often call me and say, I’d like a water birth. And I tell them, what does your partner think? I asked them that question. And there is a concern that if you’re not on the same page, that there might be some discord and you don’t want that discord around your birth, but I give them a copy of my book, gentle birth choices, which has a DVD in the back. There’s six births on there. Two of them are water breaths. And so many husbands have called me. So many partners have called or sent an email or a text and said, oh my gosh, I had no idea. I have no idea what she was talking about until I got to see it. And I could see how easy it was and water makes it easier for mothers, but it really makes it easier for dads. When, when the partner sees their loved one giving birth and they’re happy and they’re calm and they’re peaceful and they’re quiet in the tub. And then the joy that happens as they lift that baby up out of the water. One dad even looked at me and said, that’s

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It th th that that was easy. And, uh, he was

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A proponent of hostage, little birth hospital birth. He had to be, had the scientific, everything, use all the technology. Um, and then the hospital offered a water birth, and that’s what they chose and ended up doing. And his, his quote still rings in my ear. That was easy. As you’re investigating all of your options for birth, talk about it, talk to each other and say, what are your concerns? And sit down and watch some videos, but not just any of them on YouTube, uh, go to waterbirth.org and click on one of the video pieces, um, so that you can see what water birth looks like, what it sounds like, and see those happy faces of the mothers and the dads, um, at birth water makes it really easy for women to be in control and to give birth, to let go, because that’s what birth is about.

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You let go and let the baby out.

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And when the partner can see his beloved working hard, but letting go at the same time, he’s on that page. He’s absolutely there right there because his job is to protect and defend, and he gets to do that when you’re in the water. So good luck with that.

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