Mothers First Deification After Childbirth

“The postpartum poop. The first bowel movement that you make after you give birth to your child is intensive. Stool softeners are often given or recommended and, they can be very helpful. You your body, even if you don’t have any tears at all from birth is still raw. It works really hard. So it can be a mental thing to just get through that first bowel movement after you deliver. So just go easy on yourself. Drink lots of water. Use the peri bottle with warm water, spray that down there to help things feel more soothed, and you might be calling upon those comfort measures that you practiced for the birth, deep breathing loose and open jaw loosen open perineum and bottom focusing on something that brings you peace and joy visualizations, hearing words of affirmation and encouragement. Maybe someone will hold your hand, but know that that first bowel movement will be an emotional event, similar to birth, except for you won’t name this one or send it to college.”