After (C-Section)

So after a surgical delivery, some things that might help you feel more comfortable, would be tons of support by pillows. That is not just for you and your support, but that’s also to support you, what to support baby while you’re nursing. That’s going to be really essential so that you’re not putting a lot of pressure and weight on the baby. There are specific breastfeeding holes that are great. That incision heals like the football holds, you’ll definitely want to follow your doctor’s instructions on if there’s any particular massaging that needs to be done and, and how to care for your particular incision. I would also say that, ibuprofen or Tylenol, whatever they recommend might help you. You’re going to want to try to rest as much as possible. Some women do feel that wrapping their belly, afterwards is beneficial.

Clearance From Medical Professionals 

So you might want to look into that as well, make sure you get the clearance from your medical professionals, of course. In addition to those things, you may want to consider having a rice pack that you can heat or stick in the freezer, a heating pad, and either, ice packs that go on your belly depends on whether heat or cold is going to feel better to you, but those can relieve discomfort and cramping, tight muscles, and even relieve some, inflammation as well. So definitely want to be thinking ahead about comfort measures and things that can assist you after a surgical delivery so that you can heal as fast as possible, and also have an easy time nursing your baby.