Latest Medical Breakthroughs In Fertility Treatment


“So you’re kind of thinking about fertility and you’re wondering what’s out there and what’s the newest thing out there on men. Only just a few years ago we changed everything we did in fertility and we got better at success rates and safer and all, and it was equivalent to the iPhone coming onto the market and this technology is called preimplantation genetic screening. 

It allows us to do put one embryo back with more confidence of improving your pregnancy rate per transfer. It allows a woman who is 40 who might normally have a 10% chance of success to have suddenly, if we find a healthy embryo, a 50 to 60% chance of success from IVF. It is the reason why for the first time as of 2016 in the US the pregnancy rate from IVF under 35 increased above 50% in an average clinic and why most Clinton high-performing clinics are reaching 70% success rates from transferring one embryo at a time. It is this technology that will allow you as your worst case scenario to allow you to get pregnant and know you’re going to get pregnant.”