What is ICSI?


“Exceed intracytoplasmic sperm injection. If your doctor’s asking you to do it. See, you probably asked to do this because he wants to do genetic analysis on your embryo. So sometimes we want to just see if your embryo is at risk for miscarriage or down syndrome or, something like this. And we want to isolate some sperm and make sure that we have a clean sample. Another reason is because your partner’s sperm count is really low or he froze his sperm. Another reason to do XC is if you have frozen eggs. Bottom line is that we use, for many reasons, either because we want to do genetics on your embryo, um, because you have, because your partner has a low count or um, a poor shape or, uh, some issue with the sperm that may affect its ability to work with the egg. Or you have a frozen egg and, or you’ve been using for many, many, uh, fertility clinics. It’s because you also have frozen sperm.”