Round Ligament Pain in Pregnancy

“Round ligament pain originates where the round ligaments are attached in the body. The round ligaments are attached to the woman’s pelvis and they connect the uterus to the pelvis. As the uterus grows with the baby and the contents of the uterus get heavier, those round ligaments get pulled and tugged on and strained a bit as they lengthen and stretch. As that happens, that tends to be when women feel the discomfort and the pain it is normal.”

“It is what your body’s doing as it’s stretching for the growing uterus and the baby inside. But what’s unique about the round ligaments is they’re the only ligaments in the entire body that actually have nerve fibers. So you can massage them to try and ease that discomfort, or perhaps apply some warmth to it. And chiropractic care (or) physical therapy, if things get extreme. But understand that there is going to be some degree of discomfort in those areas right here in the front. You’ll feel them kind of pulling and tugging and a little bit of cramping perhaps, but that is normal.”

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