Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

“In pregnancy, there’s a degree of discomfort that you will feel in your pelvic region. Again, as your baby is growing, there are going to be some accommodations that your body makes as that baby is getting bigger and stronger. If you feel shooting pain, that that could be a variety of things ranging from no big deal to you may need to get in touch with your provider.”

“So a good rule of thumb if you’re feeling pain in your uterus specifically, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine if it’s the uterus (or) your pelvis. If you’re feeling discomfort in your uterus, it could be as simple as you overdoing it, walking too fast, running, doing too much that day, or not getting enough hydration.”

“So you can drink a lot of water, ease up on your activity and see if that helps relieve it. If there is still pain and it’s a shooting pain, not a rhythmic sort of pain, like a contraction, then that may warrant you getting in touch with your provider. And if you’re ever not sure, please just give them a call so that you can be assured that it’s no big deal or that it is.”