How Do I Choose a Fertility Specialist?


“Choosing fertility specialists like myself is important. You need to make sure they’re board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. A simple way to do that is just look up their name and there’s either a health grades or any of these websites. They’ll look to see if they’re board certified. That’s a big deal. If they’re board certified, make sure they’ve trained formally in infertility, that’s three years usually. Additionally, after doing four years of Ob Gyn, so that’s total seven years. Make sure that, what do you love, they haven’t had any infractions against them. And most importantly, choosing a fertility doctor is like dating. You have to feel comfortable with that person and it’s okay that if you met one doctor that’s a fertility expert and you don’t feel comfortable with them than to go find another one, you have to feel comfortable with this person who’s going to take you through one of the hardest and most difficult times in your life and get you through it.”