When Should I Go For IUI and IVF?


“Great. When should I do IUI? When should I do IVF? Intrauterine insemination or IUI is to help either your husband who has a lower count of sperm but so, but high enough to allow us to do an insemination and that’s typically your fertility doctor who’s going to be able to make that determination. It’s when your partner has some abnormalities with his sperm that might not allow him to efficiently get you pregnant. It’s when you don’t have a partner and you need to use donor sperm or if you have frozen sperm, typically frozen sperm needs insemination to be able to help you conceive. 

IVF is different. IVF is used when we don’t know why you’re not getting pregnant when your partner has really low sperm count, when you don’t have many eggs and you failed other things. Other hormone treatments, IVF is taking more control up to IVF. Everything your fertility specialist is doing is putting more sperm out there and putting more eggs out there and hoping one of them will connect. IVF is taking the egg, putting the sperm with the egg, making sure that the sperm and egg find each other, making sure they develop into an embryo, may help you pick the best embryo, and therefore all we leave for your body to do is take that embryo.”