A1: Shoulder Dystocia: Debriefing Birth Trauma ($37)

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    Session Length: 60 Minutes

    Contact Hours for CEUs: 1.0 (ACNM and MEAC) must pass the quiz given after completed in order to obtain contact hours. There is a short quiz to take after watching the video in order to obtain your certificate for CEUs.

    Teaching /Delivery Methods: PowerPoint, Lecture, Participation, Live Stream Video, Pre-recorded Video

    Behavioral Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify risk factors for shoulder dystocia
    2. Discuss incidence of shoulder dystocia in the USA
    3. Review best management strategies when shoulder dystocia is diagnosed
    4. Best practices in debriefing in shoulder dystocia
    5. Identify midwifery philosophy in management of traumatic birth
    Cindy Nelly, CNM

    Content Outline of Session:

    • Introduction to the problem and discussion of risk factors and incidence of shoulder dystocia- 10 minutes Houston
    • Discussion on best practices related to shoulder dystocia with simulated demonstration using ALSO guidelines-10 minutes Nelly
    • How to debrief with clients and families following unexpected outcomes including birth trauma- 15 minutes Williams
    • Midwifery philosophy and effective debriefing strategies for families -10 minutes ALL
    • Wrap up and questions- 15 minutes ALL
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