Weight Lifting in Pregnancy

“When you are in your third trimester, really lifting five to 10 pounds max, depending on where you are as far as health-wise, would be really the best number to stay within. You don’t want any type of herniations, or any type of early deliveries if at all possible.”

“So to explain a little bit on that, as far as what five to 10 pounds looks like, maybe moving a chair. If you have to squat down and reach something that’s on the floor, make sure that you’re engaging your lower body, rather than just bending forward. Use your knees, bend your knees, and then grasp the object. Reach for the object with the full-body, pressing through your heels and coming up to a standing position.”

“Try not to do any excessive moving or twisting. Exerting a lot of pressure down there is not good for you or your baby. I’d say moving chairs, moving light boxes or objects would be ideal. But understanding you’re in the third trimester. This is the time for you to ask everyone else to do things for you. So sit back and take a breather and get ready for delivery.”

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