When do I know I’m ovulating? 

“There are various ways to do this. A simple app. If you have regular predictable periods, there are pretty good apps on the internet and it’ll help you figure out when your fertile window is. It’s probably the cheapest way cause it’s from free downloadable apps on the internet. If you want to go a little bit more fancy, you can start to temperature map. So if you start mapping your temperature, maybe, cycle day 11, so you’re not actually waking up every morning and checking your temperature. 

At some point, your temperature will rise. And there are some really neat information on the internet where you can learn about temperature charting and when you see your temperature rise, you’re ovulating and you should have sex. Um, the most common way to check for ovulation is use an ovulation predictor kit. 

Various Ways to Predict Ovulation

It’s, she a relatively inexpensive, you don’t need to go very expensive, but you don’t necessarily want to go complete to simple. The easiest ones are the ones that have simple things like a smiley face so that, you’re not confused too much and you pee on the stick every day and they’ll start telling you when your fertile window is. Some people will use cervical mucus and you can again go on the internet. You can learn about surf, looking at your cervical MIG mucus and the change of the mucus to determine when you’re most fertile. The truth is that the best way to check for ovulation is temperature. But temperature is really difficult for most people because little things can change your temperature. So probably the one with the least mistake is the ovulation predictor kit.”